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Tarannà is a travel agency, founded in Barcelona more than 20 years ago, which has helped more than 60,000 travelers to get to know the world under its belief in the values of respect towards the destinations chosen and the natural environment.

We only deal in “journeys with meaning” – our motto is sustainable and responsible tourism.
Over the last years we have been recognised by various organisations for our work; amongst which is the “prize for Alternative Sustainable Tourism 2012” awarded by the Catalan Government and the “Catalan Award for Responsible Tourism 2013” given by the RTD Organization (Responsible Tourism Destinations) at the 7th International Congress in Barcelona.

At the present time, this same team with renewed dynamic energy has invigorated the Incoming Department with “INCOMING BARCELONA” to respond to TTOO, Travel Agencies, tourists, travelers and organizations that wish to get to know our own country and following these same values by developing tourist packages that enable them to travel around Catalonia, connect with the natural allure of the areas, the historical heritage, culture and magic.
To visit Barcelona and to visit Catalonia : Incoming Barcelona, the door to Catalonia, the land of Barcelona.
Incoming Barcelona, personalised journeys of discovery in Barcelona and Catalonia – above all with meaning and responsibility.

The most of the web page pictures are shoted by Tarannà Team during the trips

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