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Catalonia is without any doubt, one of the most diverse regions in Europe if we consider its landscapes, heritage and traditions. Proud of its national identity features, it is the cradle of a language spoken by over nine million people in one of the most dynamic areas of the Mediterranean, and for many years has been, one of the main European tourist destinations.

In Catalonia we can enjoy Mediterranean and continental forests, marshlands, fields with all kinds of crops and in addition there is nearly four hundred miles of coastline bathed by a placid sea with rocky coves of spectacular beauty. the Catalan coast can be divided into three major areas: the Costa Dorada, with calm transparent waters; The Central Coast with its capital Barcelona as the epicenter; and finally the Costa Brava  with rugged cliffs and charming villages. Each year all of them receive many visitors helped by the hospitality of its inhabitants, and the countless leisure and cultural offers available.

The Catalan coast was visited and inhabited by Greeks and Romans, but it also lived long periods of splendor from the fortunes made by the many Catalans who had gone to Cuba, so you can see stately buildings that belonged to the “Indians” and boardwalks with numerous palm trees reminiscent of La Havana.

If we look to the north, we find a completely different landscape dominated by the Pyrenees a high mountainous area, with rivers, lakes and lush fauna. The main attractions are National Parks, Romanesque churches, countless routes and multiple places for the practice of winter sports.

A little further on to the south, we find marshlands, mediaeval castles and monasteries, in Inland Catalonia.

Finally, we have our capital Barcelona, which is discussed in the next section.

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